Deditor 0.4.0

Hey I released a new version of my python-focused text-editor.
you can download it as usual at

(ppa will arive somewhere these days :p)

What is Deditor (for those who don’t know)?
Deditor is aimed to be a text-editor which can be used as a basic text-editor as gedit or with the right plugins become a full-feature ide.
I focus on making it a python specific editor but you can use it to edit other files as well.
It is python specific because the plugin system that is used (DPlug) is written in python and thus all plugins are written in python. Also some of the plugins there is one plugin that comes bundled with deditor that adds some python specific features like code-analyzing, code-inspection, auto-completion etc.

So plugins are the main core of the program you can disable and enable plugins at your will. The plugins that come bundled are made to increase the joy of programming.

NOTICE that this I don’t regard this as a stable product yet. There is no high risk in data loss and there are definitely no privacy concerns but you should still be aware that there are bugs/malfunctions and that you will encounter them.

I hope some of you like it and if you don’t try to give some constructive criticism 🙂


– Large under the hood changes regarding DPlug
– Rewritten Tab-system
– Improved customize plugin
– Various fixes (see CHANGELOG for more details)

Also the docs have been updated! see them at
(notice that they are still not finished :3)


DBug: Social Developing

No Deditor news this time but some insight in a new project I’m developing called DBug.

DBug is the launchpad/github/… for rather unkown developers.  It is rather difficult to sell your product to people if you are unknown in the developing business and dbug tries to fix this.  The goal is to help these developers with ideas, bug hunting, bug fixing, publicity and other stuff that the developer still needs to make his project huge ;p

The project is still in its early faze but I might release an open/closed alpha somewhere soon.  You can take a sneak peak to the layout here:   note: this is rather old and thus not the current design  note2: dbug uses html5

Deditor 0.3.1 Out

Deditor 0.3.1 has been released (ppa still building atm)
So what’s new?
– Network Plugin updated

– Save-as bug

What? is that everything?? Yes ..
but the network plugin is not –just– updated it is UPDATED it is totally rewritten and is converted from a rather annoying plugin to a very usefull plugin.

The network plugin works now different as it used too, now a project is defined as a set of files which don’t need to be all open  at the same time.   You can now work at multiple projects at the same time because a project is just opened in a tab instead of using whole the ui.  exporting and importing are now more consistent and working with projects just got fun 🙂

it took a while because
a) I haven’t done a lot of coding because natty scrollbars were bugging me
b) I had to find a way to easily manage the tabs within a project and the global tabs for regular files without weird things happening.

Future of Deditor

– 0.3.2 will focus on the Network Plugin and do the same as the Project Plugin, I will also try to improve the codecompletion plugin.
– a Guide to Deditor for beginners and a Developers Guide for Deditor will be written with youtube/vimeo uploads.

Please spread the word 😉
(and show me how/where you did it!)

Project Plugin

As said before, the project plugin is going to get a graphical and functional overhaul.

– graphical: there opens a new tab with as title your project name (duh!) and in this tab you have to the left a list with all files attached to the project  and to the right a new notebook with the opened files for the project

-functional: as the projects are opened in a new tab this means that you can work at a project and at regular files at the same time and you can even work at multiple projects at the same time 😉  Also you don’t have to keep all your files open in your project to keep them related to the project.  the menu to the left shows all related files to the project, double-clicking opens them,  but you can also remove them entirely from the project or add new files on the fly.

Why the change?  Because the old system was terrible 😀

P.S: The Network Plugin probably is going to undergo the same overhaul

P.P.S: Midnight hacking is always fun 😐 Project Plugin is one big complex script  (not a mess as I know exact what’s going on, but for someone else it would probably be a nightmare (meh)


Here is an image:

What  should you notice?

– you can still work at multiple files and in multiple panes at the same time
– you can open/close files within a project while keeping them related to the project  (notice that only is open while is also in the project list)
– some shiny buttons in the menu ;D  (add file ; export project ; remove file)

Deditor 0.3.1


There was –again– a long time no update to deditor, this was caused by a bug in the ubuntu overlay-scrollbars which showed ugly grey bars over any editor using scite.  The most popular editors were added to a blacklist and got regular scrollbars to fix the issue.  But for deditor there also is a solution coming!  In ubuntu Oneriric the overlay scrollbars are fixed and deditor should work fine!  If you want to stick with natty there are certain workarounds which I’m not going to implement in the main code.

I will start development on deditor 0.3.1 as soon as oneiric is available.
I haven’t had the time to think about what shall be updated yet  but the projects plugin will definitely get a revamp as it is not good enough in my opinion.

Deditor 0.3

Hey, long time ago deditor has been updated. I’ve started a new development cycle 0.3 which is not compatible with 0.2 because I rewrote com (the communication/plugin module I wrote) and also rewrote some important parts of deditor. Deditor without plugins runs smooth and I’m now porting all plugins I wrote to 0.3. I don’t think somebody else wrote plugins for deditor but if it’s the case contact me and I will help you out.

There is one large visual change and that’s the change of the function of the topbar which was called the filepath in the past. it does NOT show the path of the file you are editing anymore, it is now a proper commandbar. Location and Implementation probably are going to change in the following weeks.

There is nothing new yet, but here’s the list with changes:
– configuration changed within com
– initiating com changed and now allows passing com without cycle-imports etc
– global methods/variables almost all gone
– the sheets mechanism is replaced with the tab mechanism which uses proper classes to communicate and which allows non-file-tabs to be added easy without cluttering the system.

I also finally understand how to propper pack a .deb without hacks for python apps ans am now able to use a ppa 😀 The deditor ppa will be used to provide easy install and updates.

P.S. I’ve an idea about an advanced

SwapIt & SwapInd PPA!

Hey I’m back with a new small app called SwapIt, it’s a simple commandline background switcher for linux.
I also made an application indicator to have a gui frontend for SwapIt

both are available to download from my ppa:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:darragh-ssa/swapind
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install swapit swapind

start by running the command ‘swapind’ (a menu item will be added in next version)