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Moving blog *again*

Sorry but I’m moving my blog again, I’m switching from wordpress to wordpress.

Yes you read that right, I’m just trying to group everything together on one site, so I’m going to move this blog to the same site where my wiki is. (main site, there is no index page yet) (<= this blog) (<= All kruptools documentation)



Hey, Do you guys have any ideas for new plugins, projects-system or some other awesome things?

Deditor is awaiting them for version 0.2.3 🙂


Sorry for the lack off updates but I’ve exams.. :s



An introduction to Deditor

Like the name already suggests Deditor is an editor.  It’s not a normal editor, no it is an editor focused on one language in particular.

You might expect the D programming language, but if that’s the case I will have to disappoint you.  It is based on the awesome language of python.

So basicly it is an editor with some python stuff around it to make it an easier to use system.

The editor

The editor has the same features a normal editor has, handling multiple files at once, syntax-highlighting, text-lookup, saving (duh!), …

The pythonic

What is so pythonic about this editor then? well there are: -python interactive interpreter, code running, code analyzing, code inspecting, … (lots of stuff has to be added)  and something new is the code completion system

Plug and Play Code

In the new version (0.2.3) (Note: not released yet) plugins are supported these will give you the opportunity to install or even write custom code to improve deditor even more!  A There are already some Plugins When you Download Deditor, for example the projects system, the python features, code-completion,… so if you for example just want to use deditor but without the python features you can simply disable/delete that plugin and everything will still work fine! 🙂

Veni Vidi Version

The futur release 0.2.3 will be incredibly better as the current 0.2.2, this because there are 2 major improvements,
the Plugin system and the code-completion system.  Less but still great improvements will be a better projects system and inspect system and different translations.


This is the editor in action: (don’t mind the bad sound quality/pronouncation)



Hello WordPress!

I switch to wordpress because it feels much better, than the blogspot account (and also the name isn’t that ridiculous).

Kruptools will be the place where I blog about all my projects.

A little introduction:  I’m Kruptein, aka Darragh van Tichelen, 17 and living in Schoten,Belgium.  I’m a very addicted python programmer and gamer (almost any genre atm cod4,fnv&minecraft).  I’ve 2 main projects going, minimal D something like an IDE for python.   And the most important project atm Deditor, a pythonic text-editor.