Monthly Archives: December 2010

0.2.4 Update News 3

3 updates today:

– Keybinding registering implemented
– Update implemented, this will update deditor when a new version arrived, it will also save your configuration files and plugins to later restore them and only add the new features without overwriting your existing options

– codecompletion enhanced!
The bug (there should always be a space before) has been fixed and can be used in any situation
Second fix is that you can also view every member of modules classes functions and methods! not only modules anymore
btw they said it was impossible, I proved it isn’t! :p


0.2.4 Update News 2

Update time 2:

Apart from the network plugin etc there are also coming:
– Macro’s/keybindings from emacs
– Update Plugin
(- plugins keybindings handling)

btw, ssh and sftp are fully functional by now

version 4 (0.2.4) update

Hi while I’m investigating the wordpress hack on my site, I’m going to keep on posting from here.

I’m in meanwhile developing version 0.2.4 for deditor.
What’s currently been added:

-Network plugin
this plugin allows you to use ssh/sftp/ftp/dav? (currently only ssh/sftp) to download edit and upload files from a remote server.

– Plugins can now use the global configuration menu
– plugins can now replace the mainpanel with an own customized version. (not deleting the other panes)

A video will be out this saturday or next week to show what I mean