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this is an update to the original 0.2.4 version.

There will be a lot of such updates as 0.2.5 will only appear once every plugin in 0.2.4 is finished and stable and once there is the need for new functionality not provided by third-partie plugins.  0.2.4.X will thus be most of the time bugfixes and code enhancements to the original 0.2.4 source code.

New In :

– Customization enhancements:  specify font and size seperate from theme.
– CodeCompletion enhancements:  solved some issues making writing a dot impossible.
– Fixed bug in related to keybindings which prevents the raise of a PyDeadObjectError
– Refixed command line file passing.

I’m also going to screencast a new video with sound that will detail everything about deditor, including the last changes.


State of Development

For each program/website I’m going to give a short introduction,  an overview of what has been accomplished, and possible future plans


– Deditor

About:   Deditor is a pythonic text-editor,  it’s an editor entirely written in python and in first placed focused on python development.
Acc.   :
– Basic text-editor functions
– Converted to use DPlug (plugin system)
– Python features:
– RunCode:   simply run the current code
– AnalyzeCode:   analyze the code
– CodeCompletion :  advanced system to complete/guess what could follow after a period (.)  this works for modules, methods, functions and classes
– Network features
– Projects
– Basic projects
– export/import
–  Tar.gz supported
– Advanced Configuration
–  filepath modified to work as a command field
–  basic emacs key functionality trough command
– General Stabilization
–  Emacs improvement + Macro possibility
–  Network&Project should be foolproof

– Minimal D

About:  Minimal is a small IDE written in python, it has a compact design which makes it easy to work.
–  Managed to replace D-CM with Minimal,  from large and ugly to small and beautiful
–  Converted to use DPlug
–  Network Plugin Added
– More features!!! (Ideas?! O_o)
– fix Sidebar bug


– dbug

About:  dbug is a project under development, it will be a site to provide small developers a good community to help with bugfix and spread the word
Acc:  Only the idea :p
Fut:  Everything

– kruptools

About:  kruptools is the main site for Kruptein’s projects,  it is now quite empty and should thus be beautified.
Acc:  Plain information,  Docs and Blog
Fut:  Design and Work out


Everyone who thinks he/she can help, please respond 🙂

Deditor 0.2.4 ~Finished

You can now download the deb for deditor-0.2.4 from

This version comes with a lot of new things, being:
– Better Configuration Options
– Customization Plugin which allows you to select a theme, currently you only have the options between two themes, this is because I’m not good in theming and selecting the right colours. I hope there might be some folks who help me with this, an update of this plugin will also arrive soon as there is many to do more with this!
– Network Plugin, you now have the possiblity to use ssh and sftp to directly edit files from a certain server.
– Macro Plugin, this is an experimental plugin which provides some basic emacs-keybindings and will in the future be used to record and execute macro’s
– CommandLine, the well known filepath is now multifunctional, it is still used as the location to show filepaths, but also used as a commandline

ssh start (ENTER/RETURN) starts the ssh service (start or connect)
sftp disconnect stops the sftp service (stop or disconnect)
ssh download show the download screen
sftp hide hide download/upload screen
quit will quit deditor
M-x next-line emacs style line operations
C-e goto end of line, (emacs) note that this does not work like in emacs by doing Control, e you need to type this in the commandfield
project create create a new project
project open example open the project called example
project delete delete the currently opened project
project close close the currently opened project

– Update system, a system to notify you of a new version and installs this automagically for you (only works with .deb)
– Better keybindings system, you can choose your keybindings yourself

There were also a lot of bugfixes and improvements, like the syntax-highlighting menu shows the right syntax and if you open a file the right syntax is chosen (although this only works for a few languages)

A lot of small updates will come as there are a lot of new plugins which all are experimental and have to be optimized
expect updates for:
-General <= syntax highlighting noticed for all suported languages

CodeCompletion Speed Boost! — [Download]


My CodeCompletion plugin was in 0.2.3 only available for modules and when these became large (>1000) the codecompletion went slowly, in the 0.2.4-alpha I added also completion for classes, methods, functions,… which made the whole code also slower.

But now I already fixed the speed by doing two things:
– a temporary memory in which every module,class,… used in the session is remembered and can thus be loaded instantly without looping trough all possibilities
– a split memory, which is a more advanced memory system for modules,classes that have more than 1000 items, they are splitted up per letter and are only looked up after you pressed the first character (whereas normal memory already gives options typing the dot (.)) This gave an impressive speed boost for the wx library from a couple of seconds to instantly!

I’m already releasing this plugin (just drop it in your plugin folder, overwriting the previous one), it still has some small bugs, which will be solved with the next alpha or beta release

Enjoy your speedboost!

Minimal D 0.1 alpha

Minimal D is a small python IDE.  It uses the DPlug module to provide an easy way to manage plugins.

Minimal D is focused on the (d)editor and the file-browser but uses a small sidebar to easily show/hide or start/stop certain services.

Startup Screen

The following screenshot shows the file manager hidden, the ssh service activated and a file opened in deditor

Note that however this still is alpha software it already is very stable and secure.  The file manager and the network protocols should be risk-free, only the editor is not optimized and checked yet.  If you came to have a decent text-editor, the standalone version of deditor ( definitely is your need.
P.S.: I’m looking for someone who is good in sql in python (mysql, postgresql, sqlite  are enough for now)  please contact me (kruptein at

You can watch a preview over here:

Minimal-D 0.1 alpha preview from Darragh Van Tichelen on Vimeo.

A .deb and .tar.gz can be found as usual on launchpad: