Minimal D 0.1 alpha

Minimal D is a small python IDE.  It uses the DPlug module to provide an easy way to manage plugins.

Minimal D is focused on the (d)editor and the file-browser but uses a small sidebar to easily show/hide or start/stop certain services.

Startup Screen

The following screenshot shows the file manager hidden, the ssh service activated and a file opened in deditor

Note that however this still is alpha software it already is very stable and secure.  The file manager and the network protocols should be risk-free, only the editor is not optimized and checked yet.  If you came to have a decent text-editor, the standalone version of deditor ( definitely is your need.
P.S.: I’m looking for someone who is good in sql in python (mysql, postgresql, sqlite  are enough for now)  please contact me (kruptein at

You can watch a preview over here:

Minimal-D 0.1 alpha preview from Darragh Van Tichelen on Vimeo.

A .deb and .tar.gz can be found as usual on launchpad:


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