CodeCompletion Speed Boost! — [Download]


My CodeCompletion plugin was in 0.2.3 only available for modules and when these became large (>1000) the codecompletion went slowly, in the 0.2.4-alpha I added also completion for classes, methods, functions,… which made the whole code also slower.

But now I already fixed the speed by doing two things:
– a temporary memory in which every module,class,… used in the session is remembered and can thus be loaded instantly without looping trough all possibilities
– a split memory, which is a more advanced memory system for modules,classes that have more than 1000 items, they are splitted up per letter and are only looked up after you pressed the first character (whereas normal memory already gives options typing the dot (.)) This gave an impressive speed boost for the wx library from a couple of seconds to instantly!

I’m already releasing this plugin (just drop it in your plugin folder, overwriting the previous one), it still has some small bugs, which will be solved with the next alpha or beta release

Enjoy your speedboost!


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