Deditor 0.2.4 ~Finished

You can now download the deb for deditor-0.2.4 from

This version comes with a lot of new things, being:
– Better Configuration Options
– Customization Plugin which allows you to select a theme, currently you only have the options between two themes, this is because I’m not good in theming and selecting the right colours. I hope there might be some folks who help me with this, an update of this plugin will also arrive soon as there is many to do more with this!
– Network Plugin, you now have the possiblity to use ssh and sftp to directly edit files from a certain server.
– Macro Plugin, this is an experimental plugin which provides some basic emacs-keybindings and will in the future be used to record and execute macro’s
– CommandLine, the well known filepath is now multifunctional, it is still used as the location to show filepaths, but also used as a commandline

ssh start (ENTER/RETURN) starts the ssh service (start or connect)
sftp disconnect stops the sftp service (stop or disconnect)
ssh download show the download screen
sftp hide hide download/upload screen
quit will quit deditor
M-x next-line emacs style line operations
C-e goto end of line, (emacs) note that this does not work like in emacs by doing Control, e you need to type this in the commandfield
project create create a new project
project open example open the project called example
project delete delete the currently opened project
project close close the currently opened project

– Update system, a system to notify you of a new version and installs this automagically for you (only works with .deb)
– Better keybindings system, you can choose your keybindings yourself

There were also a lot of bugfixes and improvements, like the syntax-highlighting menu shows the right syntax and if you open a file the right syntax is chosen (although this only works for a few languages)

A lot of small updates will come as there are a lot of new plugins which all are experimental and have to be optimized
expect updates for:
-General <= syntax highlighting noticed for all suported languages


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