State of Development

For each program/website I’m going to give a short introduction,  an overview of what has been accomplished, and possible future plans


– Deditor

About:   Deditor is a pythonic text-editor,  it’s an editor entirely written in python and in first placed focused on python development.
Acc.   :
– Basic text-editor functions
– Converted to use DPlug (plugin system)
– Python features:
– RunCode:   simply run the current code
– AnalyzeCode:   analyze the code
– CodeCompletion :  advanced system to complete/guess what could follow after a period (.)  this works for modules, methods, functions and classes
– Network features
– Projects
– Basic projects
– export/import
–  Tar.gz supported
– Advanced Configuration
–  filepath modified to work as a command field
–  basic emacs key functionality trough command
– General Stabilization
–  Emacs improvement + Macro possibility
–  Network&Project should be foolproof

– Minimal D

About:  Minimal is a small IDE written in python, it has a compact design which makes it easy to work.
–  Managed to replace D-CM with Minimal,  from large and ugly to small and beautiful
–  Converted to use DPlug
–  Network Plugin Added
– More features!!! (Ideas?! O_o)
– fix Sidebar bug


– dbug

About:  dbug is a project under development, it will be a site to provide small developers a good community to help with bugfix and spread the word
Acc:  Only the idea :p
Fut:  Everything

– kruptools

About:  kruptools is the main site for Kruptein’s projects,  it is now quite empty and should thus be beautified.
Acc:  Plain information,  Docs and Blog
Fut:  Design and Work out


Everyone who thinks he/she can help, please respond 🙂


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