this is an update to the original 0.2.4 version.

There will be a lot of such updates as 0.2.5 will only appear once every plugin in 0.2.4 is finished and stable and once there is the need for new functionality not provided by third-partie plugins.  0.2.4.X will thus be most of the time bugfixes and code enhancements to the original 0.2.4 source code.

New In :

– Customization enhancements:  specify font and size seperate from theme.
– CodeCompletion enhancements:  solved some issues making writing a dot impossible.
– Fixed bug in related to keybindings which prevents the raise of a PyDeadObjectError
– Refixed command line file passing.

I’m also going to screencast a new video with sound that will detail everything about deditor, including the last changes.


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