Monthly Archives: March 2011

Snippyts, Analyzing and Inspecting

I added snippyts to deditor to improve python support  these snippyts are small fixes/improvements to fasten your development.
Current snippyts:
-Hide __x__ elements from inspect    (e.g. __name__, …)
-If you open a .pyc file, close it and open the according .py file
-AutoIndent after a “:” when you typed: class/def/if/elif/else/while/for

And also some rewrite options which give you the power to fast write a basic structure:
( Input > Output   ;   I == cursor )

testdef  >   def test(I

plaindef  >  def I():\n     (4 spaces)

testselfe  >  def test(self, I       (e for extra)

testselfn > def test(self):\n    (4 spaces)      (n for newline)

shebang  > #!/usr/bin/env python

Also the Analyze feature has been recoded (and fixed as it was broken since version 0.2.4)
For Analyzing deditor uses pylint and adds a marker to each line which contains an error

Also The Inspect system has been redone as it was very bad done :p
It now borrowed some features from the CodeCompletion Plugin