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Deditor 0.2.5 Released

After some pause in the development of deditor, I’m proud to release a new version of the text-editor 0.2.5

Deditor 0.2.5 has some new graphical changes, like the configuration panel, the project and the network plugin.

As it is a long time ago since version it is possible that I forget some things. but here is a short list of new things.


*functionality improvements
– commandbar now has an autocomplete system to quickly enter commands
– when saving a python file, pyflakes will be ran in the background on the file and every line in your code that has an error will be marked in the sideline
– Added 10 commands (see below)
– Improved search system (see below)

*graphical changes
– choice between multiple designs (see below)
– FindBar moved to bottom between notebook and shell
– Made searchbar better by replacing textbuttons with icons
– Configuration Panel totally redesigned
– When You add a new project you get a large notebook page now 😉
– Networking has been rewritten to use a notebook page and better download/upload visualisation

– new Emacs Plugin (replaces macro plugin)(see below)

*not so special
– You will be notified when you close a file that has unsaved changes
– added save-as support (from the menu and also when you save a non-existing file)
– Visual sign that file has unsaved changes


-customize font/size save now works
-fixed IndexError when closing the only file
-autoindentation for all files by default (previously it was python-only O_o)
-ctrl+f now also hides findbar if already open
-removed unused imports
-saving to unexisting dir, will create the dir first
-removed not-used variables and print statements
-opening a non-existing file results in creating the file and open it

Emacs Plugin

Once activated this plugin overrides every assigned keybinding with the typical emacs keybindings, both commandline as keybinding are supported.
NOTE 1: I have never used emacs myself so lot’s of features etc are missing, if you want to help contact me 😉
NOTE 2: A vim plugin might come in the future


Where as the name sounds very exciting is isn’t at all :p you can now choose between two “designs” the minimal design is what you’re used to work with and the extended design adds some buttons for those that aren’t fond of using keybindings that often.

Commands (from deditor, not from plugins)

quit: close deditor
open: show the open dialog
open /home/…/ open the file on the path specified
close: close the current tab
close 3: close tab number 3 Warning: tab numbers internally are different as the way they are ordered in the gui
new: create a new file
new /home/…/ create the file at the specified path and open it
config: show the configuration panel
config show: show the configuration panel
config hide: hide the configuration panel
shell: show the python shell
shell show: show the python shell
shell hide: hide the python shell
version: shows a dialog with the version of deditor
update: tries to update deditor if possible
find: show/hide the findbar
find this: show the findbar and look for “this”
syntax python: changes the syntax of the current file to “python”
size 500×600: sizes deditor to 500 width and 600 height, this is saved to the configuration and will be used on startup


Now backwards search actually works :p, you can also specify which kind of search you want: normal, matchcase, startword, wholeword or regex! The searchbar also moved down to sit between the notebook and the shell, this is much nicer (thanks to Manuel) also the searchbar got a new look, no more textbuttons, but a large searchfield and 3 icons, an up arrow, down arrow and close icon

Also all the 0.2.4.x bugfix releases are included, these covered also some very important new additions being the most important

– CodeCompletion working much better and always showing the dot
– Update system should work
-AttributeError: ‘KeyEvent’ has no ‘Veto’ attribute fixed!
-Made CodeCompletion only work on python_file() == True
-Fixed projectslist empty after closing project
-Fixed CSDialog, call CSDialog.GetValue() (or GetReturnCode()) to alternate between True/False

I have to say that some ideas came from someone who helped me a lot with giving feedback and searching for bugs. Thanks Manuel 😉