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As said before, the project plugin is going to get a graphical and functional overhaul.

– graphical: there opens a new tab with as title your project name (duh!) and in this tab you have to the left a list with all files attached to the project  and to the right a new notebook with the opened files for the project

-functional: as the projects are opened in a new tab this means that you can work at a project and at regular files at the same time and you can even work at multiple projects at the same time 😉  Also you don’t have to keep all your files open in your project to keep them related to the project.  the menu to the left shows all related files to the project, double-clicking opens them,  but you can also remove them entirely from the project or add new files on the fly.

Why the change?  Because the old system was terrible 😀

P.S: The Network Plugin probably is going to undergo the same overhaul

P.P.S: Midnight hacking is always fun 😐 Project Plugin is one big complex script  (not a mess as I know exact what’s going on, but for someone else it would probably be a nightmare (meh)


Here is an image:

What  should you notice?

– you can still work at multiple files and in multiple panes at the same time
– you can open/close files within a project while keeping them related to the project  (notice that only is open while is also in the project list)
– some shiny buttons in the menu ;D  (add file ; export project ; remove file)


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