Deditor 0.3.1 Out

Deditor 0.3.1 has been released (ppa still building atm)
So what’s new?
– Network Plugin updated

– Save-as bug

What? is that everything?? Yes ..
but the network plugin is not –just– updated it is UPDATED it is totally rewritten and is converted from a rather annoying plugin to a very usefull plugin.

The network plugin works now different as it used too, now a project is defined as a set of files which don’t need to be all open  at the same time.   You can now work at multiple projects at the same time because a project is just opened in a tab instead of using whole the ui.  exporting and importing are now more consistent and working with projects just got fun 🙂

it took a while because
a) I haven’t done a lot of coding because natty scrollbars were bugging me
b) I had to find a way to easily manage the tabs within a project and the global tabs for regular files without weird things happening.

Future of Deditor

– 0.3.2 will focus on the Network Plugin and do the same as the Project Plugin, I will also try to improve the codecompletion plugin.
– a Guide to Deditor for beginners and a Developers Guide for Deditor will be written with youtube/vimeo uploads.

Please spread the word 😉
(and show me how/where you did it!)


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